Aliens: Colonial Marines: Legendary Weapons Location Guide

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

I like to keep these handy

Picking up Aliens: Colonial Marines? Give yourself a head start with these Achievement guides, which show you the locations of the legendary weapons for the I Like To Keep These Handy Achievement. In addition to being good for your gamerscore, the legendary weapons (Hicks' shotgun, Gorman's pistol, Hudson's Pulse Rifle, Vasquez's smart gun, Vasquez's pistol and Frost's flamethrower) all offer slightly different performance from the base models.

1. Hicks' Shotgun Location

The gun that Hicks famously kept handy for close encounters can be found on Mission 1, Distress, near what is described as a gravity well, but probably isn't an actual gravity well.

2. Gorman's Pistol Location

The pistol ineffectually waved around by the hapless Lieutenant Gorman can be found during Mission 4, No Hope in Hadley's, though if you can't find it by yourself perhaps there's no hope for you either.

3. Hudson's Pulse Rifle Location

The colonial marines' resident smartmouth-slash-quote-machine dropped his pulse rifle in the area you'll be inching through during Mission 5, The Raven. Keep an eye out for it immediately after the sewers when you get your gear back from O' Neal.

4. Vasquez's Smart Gun Location

The location of the nifty smart gun wielded by Vasquez is a blessed relief, not just because it's easy to miss, hidden away as it is, but also because it makes the rest of the mission considerably easier to complete.

5. Vasquez's Pistol Location

Vasquez's less well known weapon, her pistol, can be found during your second jaunt to the ill-fated Hadley's Hope colony in Mission 9, Hope in Hadley's. We'll be honest, it's not as exciting as the smart gun.

6. Frost's Flamethrower Location

Frost's role in the film was basically to deliver the line about harsh language and then get killed. Fortunately he found time in his busy schedule to customise this incinerator unit which you can find in Mission 10, Derelict Reclaimed.

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