Aliens: Colonial Marines: Newt's Doll Head Location Guide

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

They mostly come at night

Aliens: Colonial Marines is short on neither problems or references to the movie Aliens. Here's how to find Newt's doll head in Mission 5: The Raven for the Mostly Come At Night... Achievement, worth 20 gamerscore.

Rather predictably, you'll find the doll that Newt dropped in the water during the film has washed its way into the sewers that you sneak through during Mission 5. We won't ask which lunatic placed it on its makeshift pedestal.

For even more movie references and cheevopoints, hit up our videos guides to the locations of legendary weapons such as Vasquez's Pistol and Hudson's Pulse Rifle for the I Like to Keep These Handy Achievement.

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