Show of the Week: Crysis 3 and How to Make a Nanosuit

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Nanosuits you, sir

Friday means Show of the Week. This week that means Crysis 3, latest in the series of sci-fi sandbox shooters that doubles as showcase for developer Crytek's visual wizardry. We're just as interested in Crysis' newest Nanosuit as in graphical hocus pocus - you'll find both in the video, along with the comments, questions and Andy's dodging of friend dates.

The hyper-advanced Nanosuit was designed by CryNet systems with the same one-upmanship as 10-year-olds playing pretend. "My supersuit has lasers!", "My supersuit has laser-proof force fields! Nyah!", and so on. It's got strength, speed, armour, invisibility, onboard computers and twin cup holders, probably.

Though we're not complaining about how ludicrously overpowered it is. For one, it lets us rampage through Crysis 3's future New York like a tiny cybernetic King Kong, firing 500 rounds a second. For two, the suit's fuel cells drain faster than Gordon Freeman's flashlight. No 10-year-old would design that into a set of power armour.

Crysis 3 comes out on February 19 (US) and February 22 (Europe). For a taste of the multiplayer's new Predator-style Hunter mode, here's us playing just that in the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta.

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