Bungie's Destiny Unveiled in Video, Concept Art

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

That's no moon

Get your eyes all over this video (ViDoc, if you must) for Destiny, the first outing for the Halo makers at Bungie since splitting with Microsoft. Epic sci-fi fantasy and mysterious giant spheres await.

In the video, Bungie pitches the premise for Destiny. You are a guardian fighting to save a future city and reclaim a civilisation teetering on the edge of alien destruction. There's also an enormous white space sphere from which you draw your powers. It's called the Traveller.

There are bags of tantalising concept art, a few glimpses of gameplay and plenty of Bungie talking up how ground-breaking their post-Halo project will be.

"We are blazing a ton of new trails," they say. "We're creating something completely new," they say. "How can anything be bigger than Halo? We'll find out," they say.

Which platforms Destiny is headed for hasn't been officially announced, but you can count on a multi-platform title, likely to appear on Xbox 360 and PS3 for starters. Could it be yet another console generation-straddler?

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