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Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Sow exciting

PC hit Farming Simulator 2013 is coming to Xbox 360 in May or June. It's going to be huge. Watch this video for details of the first-person farm 'em up's rebirth on Xbox 360, including the American farming add-on with which the console port will come bundled.

I have high hopes for this game on the Xbox. Manshooter devotees might sneer at its peaceful working of the land, but the Xbox 360 audience is packed with the same pre-teen boys that brought Farming Simulator 2013 million-selling success on the PC.

It's among these 10- to 14-year-old boys the game found its fanbase, says associate producer Marc Schwegler, as well as among real-life farmers. The farmers are the ones who lobbied for, and received, authentic potato harvesting. You can thank them in June.

Multiplayer in the shape of co-op farming most likely won't appear at launch on Xbox 360, says Schwegler, but will be patched in later due to time constraints. That's a pity, but the console version will come complete with the Texas-inspired American farm map add-on, along with the original game's European-flavoured farm.

With the first-person sandboxery of Minecraft (the agricultural bits, at least), the strategy of a top-down sim and a budget price, Farming Simulator is on the inside track to Xbox success. While we wait for launch, let's watch that sublime Farming Simulator 2013 dubstep brag vid one, two, or maybe one hundred more times.

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