Obscure Fans May be 'Disappointed' in XBLA Reboot

Published 5 years ago by Andy Farrant

I know what you did last studio

People with long memories might remember Obscure from way back in the era of the PS2, but the series is returning with an XBLA reboot in a new genre and art style and with a cast of easily killable teens.

Obscure was a survival horror series based on teen slasher movies like Scream and The Faculty, full of jocks stumbling into monster-filled gymnasiums and cheerleaders investigating strange noises in the generator room. It lived up to its name, unfortunately, and the last we saw of the cult series was 2007's Obscure 2: The Aftermath. Developer Hydravision began work on a new entry in the series but was eventually shut down, and that was the end of Obscure. Or was it?

Well, no. Obviously it wasn't, I already said up there it was returning, ruining that cliffhanger. Sorry. The developers were determined to finish the game so they set up a new outfit, Mighty Rocket Studio, to get the game out. What they've been working on, however, is very different to the Obscure games that have come before, to the point where Mighty Rocket CEO Francois Potentier says he imagines a lot of fans will be "disappointed". Why not watch the video and decide for yourself if they've made the right move?

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