BioShock Infinite Trailer Stars Elizabeth, Lamb of Columbia

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Lamb to the slaughter

BioShock Infinite's new trailer stars Elizabeth, "Lamb of Columbia", the deceptively dangerous damsel protagonist Booker DeWitt is sent to extract from captivity.

Elizabeth's dimension-ripping psychic powers are variously hailed as the salvation and destruction of the floating city of Columbia. From what we've seen in the game's early hours, those powers manifested around puberty, in the style of the telekinetic teen Carrie.

Also in the style of Carrie, young Elizabeth's most dangerous abilities arrive hand-in-hand with her first period. BioShock Infinite might be the first game to feature the word "menarche", which appears on some scientific apparatus of Elizabeth's captor-researchers (just out of view on the right of the trailer screenshot below).

It's definitely the first game to feature an early 1900s sanitary pad, which appears inside said apparatus. Prove me wrong, internet.

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