Halo 4's Majestic Map Pack Adds Skyline, Landfall, Monolith

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Plus Infinity Rumble

Halo 4's second map pack lands on Monday February 25, adding three close-quarters battlegrounds to multiplayer: Skyline, Landfall and Monolith. Eyeball them in this video from 343 and the map makers at Certain Affinity.

The three maps are presented as a return to old-school, small-scale Halo multiplayer. Landfall is set in a city under Covenant attack; Monolith is an arena on a Forerunner monument; Skyline is a small, symmetrical rooftop battleground.

The map pack comes with two new Majestic DLC playlists and a new free-for-all game type, Infinity Rumble, plus 250 Gamerscore in the form of 10 new Achievements.

It's out on February 25 for 800 Microsoft points, or nothing to those players who've already picked up the Halo 4 War Games Map Pass.

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