DmC: Devil May Cry Launches Bloody Palace Mode

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

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DmC: Devil May Cry has rolled out Bloody Palace, a new survival-type mode with 100 bonus levels of enemies and "five brutal bosses". Download it for free now, and catch a Bloody Palace gameplay video after the jump.

DmC's Bloody Palace comes in a free update, though you'll only unlock the mode after having completed the game.

The Devil May Cry tradition for a multi-storey survival mode started in Devil May Cry 2, in which Dante ascended through 9,999 levels of demons. Devil May Cry 3 had the same tally of demon-filled floors, then Devil May Cry 4 pitted Dante against just 101 - but with an exclusive boss fight against an all-black doppelgänger Dante on the top floor.

What are you waiting for? Get to work on those 100 levels and tell us what's at the top. If you're hungry for yet more DmC, you can pick up the Vergil's Downfall DLC, starring Dante's blonder brother, on March 6 for 720 Microsoft points.

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