Minecraft Xbox 360 Teases Update With Screenshots

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Minecraft Xbox 360 Teases Update With Screenshots

Ender the Dragon

Here's a tantalising screenshot montage teasing the TU9 update for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Come on through for spawn eggs, item frames, climbable vines and an Ender Dragon.

The image (below) was tweeted by 4J studios, the developer behind the Xbox 360's version of Minecraft, and is packed with new features arriving with TU9. In the player's inventory bar in the upper right you can spot spawn eggs, from which you can hatch mobs on demand.

In the lower right are item frames, which are natty display cases for your Minecraft possessions, plus some climbable vines.

In the lower left, the mark on the world map shows the location of the End Portal when there is a player in The End - a new desolate dimension inhabited by Ender Men and the new Ender Dragon, Minecraft's first boss enemy, as featured in the upper left screenshot.

There's no official word on when the TU9 update will land, beyond "not this month". Its main addition to the game will be The End and its blocky black dragon boss. Between now and TU9, why not try Minecraft Pictionary?

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