See More Of Destiny's 'Persistent Online World'

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

See More Of Destiny's 'Persistent Online World'

MMO no he didn't

There were morsels of gameplay among the PS4 chat as Bungie co-founder Jason Jones talked up Destiny at the Sony conference. Let's watch.

"We've built a persistent, online world where players grow and customise their characters," says Jones in the video below, describing exactly an MMO shooter.

He emphasises co-operative play in addition to the expected competitive action, and there are shiny guns and inspiring sci-fi vistas.

Destiny was unveiled last weekend, though there's more concept art and highfaluting talk of innovation than nitty gritty so far.

You can expect Destiny on Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. We'd be heartily surprised if it's not coming to the next Xbox as well. The release date won't be this year, since publisher Activision "has not included the launch in its 2013 outlook".

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