Crysis 3: White Rider Achievement Guide

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Plus Arrow To The Knee, Bang For The Buck

Here are three fun Achievements to nab early in Crysis 3: White Rider, Bang For The Buck and Arrow To The Knee. Join us for surfing, deer explosions and knee injuries in our video Achievement guides for each.

White Rider Achievement Guide

Some of my favourite Achievements inject silliness into otherwise straight-faced games. White Rider qualifies by having you, as gravel-voiced supersoldier Prophet, surf downstream on a yellow rubber ring in mission three.

You'll find the ring on the riverbank as you reach about 200 metres from your objective location. Hop on board and, as it says in the Achievement description, "surf the donut down the river for 20 seconds" for 20 Gamerscore. Cowabunga, et cetera.

Arrow To The Knee Achievement Guide

Look at Crysis 3 getting involved with a once-popular videogame meme, bless its heart. Here you need to "end an enemy's career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow" for 20 Gamerscore.

The quickest and easiest way to collect on this Skyrim reference is in mission one, immediately after Psycho gives you the Compound Bow. Set the bow's draw weight to low to decrease your damage, because you're aiming to hit a baddie in the knee but not kill him.

You can line up your shot from any angle - kneecap, knee-pit, it's all good - but avoid firing from point-blank range, from which you will generally get a kill. It turns out CELL soldiers have fatally vulnerable knee joints. Achilles' knees, if you will.

Bang For The Buck Achievement Guide

For just a split-second of animal cruelty, 10 Gamerscore can be yours when you "kill a deer using explosive arrows." The earliest you can do this terrible thing is in mission two, as you emerge into the West Side Yard.

Look for a deer or two in the long grass, set your arrowhead type to the explosive super-thermite tips, then let loose on your quarry. The cheevo should ping just as bloody chunks of Bambi rain down all around you, you monster.

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