Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Falling For One Minute

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Wait for the drop

My goodness but Lara falls down a lot in the new Tomb Raider. Not five minutes pass without the rookie adventuress dropping off, out of or through something, as if with a nervous habit for checking the gravity is still on. Here, watch one full minute of Lara Croft falling down in this video.

In Tomb Raider, young Lara proves herself a born action heroine with daredevil clambering and tooth-and-nail combat. Also in the classic action hero mould, she's someone who exists inside a whirlwind of cinematic destruction.

Giant ancient structures that have stood firm for centuries crumble under her feet. Baddies tear apart their own lairs to get at her. Forces natural or otherwise buffet her around like a grimy rag doll.

As a result, Lara is always falling spectacularly down one thing or another, landing most often on her adamantium spine. That much you expect of a blockbuster action hero or heroine. Nathan Drake is forever being exploded from one set piece to another.

Frequently though, the Hollywood-style rough-and-tumble is joined by much more gruesome injuries. Take the metal shard that skewers Lara through the side (seen in the video above). It's grisly in a way unlike any action genre tradition. It'd be like Shia LeBeouf getting impaled on Bumblebee's windscreen wiper.

The bloodier stuff - the death animations, in particular - are much more what you'd expect of survival horror than action adventure. If they're there to sell Lara's transition from shipwreck victim to ass-kicking explorer as a harrowing ordeal, they do the trick; it's shocking stuff.

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