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Published 6 years ago by Jane Douglas

Heist heist baby

"Left 4 Dead with heists," begins the elevator pitch for Payday 2. It's a four-player co-op shooter in which your crew of masked men must crack safes, menace hostages and make off with loot in heist mini-campaigns. Watch on for gameplay and details from Overkill Software's Simon Viklund.

Xbox devotees may well have missed the original game, Payday: The Heist, which came out in 2011 for PlayStation Network and PC but not the Xbox 360. The sequel, a similarly downloadable affair, comes to Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

Payday 2 is a deeper, more customisable experience than its predecessor, with multi-phase missions that include sticking up a jewellery store and nicking a cocaine shipment (both in the video above).

The RPG-style skill tree offers abilities across four criminal archetypes: the sneaky stealth man, the gadget whiz, the guns-blazing enforcer and the crowd-controlling "mastermind". The latter has a nifty "Stockholm Syndrome" ability that gets those zip-tied hostages rooting for you, somehow, to the point where they'll revive you when your fellow crims aren't around.

We can't wait for slick, Ocean's Eleven-inspired raids when the game arrives this summer. Or for the inevitable chaotic bank jobs gone wrong when someone trips the alarm, Mike.

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