Bioshock Infinite: Gameplay Video Tour

Published 4 years ago by Andy Farrant

High times

After several delays, Bioshock Infinite hits the shops this week. Was it worth the wait? Short answer: yes. Long answer: yesssssssssss. For an even longer answer, check out our gameplay video tour showing off the floating city of Columbia, the combat and a few spoiler-free words on the story.

Your charming AI partner Elizabeth is one of the most interesting and useful companions ever. She's nominally the damsel in distress, with protagonist Booker DeWitt sent to spring her from captivity, but there's not a whiff of escort quest frustration about her. Not only can she keep herself out of harm's way in combat, she's forever flinging you ammo, money and crucial, Vigor-powering salts.

The superpower-like Vigors are Bioshock Infinite's equivalent of Bioshock's Plasmids. Murder of Crows is my favourite for firing feathery, flesh-ripping missiles at Columbian goons. You'll see these in action in the video above, along with the rollercoaster-like skyrail combat, some of the cool new enemies, plus several scenes in which I eat food straight out of the trash. What?

Are you picking up Bioshock Infinite this week? Let us know how you get on.

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