Let's Play: Dead Island Riptide - Can I Kick It?

Published 6 years ago by Mike Channell

Yes you can

We've identified the reason to pick up Dead Island Riptide. New character John Morgan has a running kick that sends zombies cartwheeling and ragdolling about 30 feet. This is endlessly entertaining and, in a game where the rough edges are part of the charm, perfectly fitting. Watch on for 11 minutes of entirely new gameplay footage exclusive to Outside Xbox.

The video above is taken from an unfinished version of the game, take note. The on-screen timer counts down how long we have left to play and won't appear in the final game.

For more on Dead Island Riptide, watch our our gameplay preview, featuring an interview with creative producer Alex Toplansky, and come on back soon for a second episode of our zombie island adventure.

Dead Island Riptide comes out on April 23 (US) and April 26 (Europe).

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