Preview: Flashback HD - Thanks For The Memories

Published 4 years ago by Mike Channell

Looking pretty flash

What do you call a flashback of a flashback? Because that is what this nostalgic HD remake of the classic rotoscoped platformer provokes. We have fond memories of sidestepping our way around the 16-bit game's lush environs and while the reimagining looks just like our rose-tinted, high-resolution memories, it plays more like Shadow Complex or Deadlight. As unashamed fans of the original game, we got together after playing XBLA version's first level to discuss our findings.

Flashback is "coming soon" to Xbox Live Arcade. For more, watch the Flashback reveal trailer in full.

Got an inclination toward HD remakes of Amiga platformers? Why not check out our video on the Giana Sisters revival that recently arrived on XBLA.

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