Let's Play Dead Island Riptide: New Boats, Sonic Pulse Grenades

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

Waterway to go

The way Dead Island Riptide's new boat vehicle shreds zombies is gratifying - especially since you're not so invulnerable in a boat as you were in the tank-like cars of the original game. In this Dead Island Riptide gameplay, Andy and I speed-boost our way to the town of Halai, dabble with weapon mods and discover the sonic pulse grenade, which makes undead heads explode.

When the survivors of Dead Island are shipwrecked on this second, also zombified island (unlucky, guys), they find it flooded by monsoon rains. The map reveals patches of dry land surrounded by dangerous waterways. Among the new special zombie types are the waterborne Drowners: floating zombies who will haul you overboard if you don't ram them at top speed.

The sonic pulse grenades turn zombie heads into clouds of red mist with the awesome power of sound, probably. This elusive grenade, also known as the "brain wave bomb", was considered for inclusion in Dead Island's Bloodbath Arena DLC but then dropped. Dead Island fans itching to finally detonate undead brains, here is your chance.

The gameplay in the video above is taken from unfinished code with a time limit for preview purposes. The timer will not appear in the final game. Dead Island Riptide comes out on April 23 (US) and April 26 (Europe). For more, here's Mike playing Dead Island Riptide with the ludicrous running kick of new character John Morgan.

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