Dead Island Riptide Multiplayer Gameplay: Co-op is King

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

Unlonely island

Like a corpse reanimated with its insides on the outside, Dead Island Riptide shouldn't work. It's against nature. For all its problems, though, it does - the key is never playing alone. Watch us go on a co-op adventure on the new island of Palanoi in this multiplayer gameplay.

Co-op multiplayer makes the most of the game's big ambition: an open-world, four-player zombie apocalypse fuelled by limb-severing, ragdolly brawling. Big ambitions don't excuse the framerate chug or the world's least endearing characters, but online friends make it knockabout fun.

Since Riptide is just a tidier do-over of the first game, it's a fine place for newcomers to join the series. The four original survivors plus newbie John Morgan are shipwrecked on a second tropical island, just as infected as the first. Dead Island veterans, however, won't find much in the way of novelty. There are boats and weather now, but Riptide fundamentally plays the same as game one.

The first-person combat is still inelegant, but the crafting system's weapon mods are brilliant nonsense. Watch the videos above and below for Mike's flaming shillelagh, Andy's barbed wire knuckle duster and my vomit axe. It makes zombies vomit?

Dead Island Riptide comes out on April 23 (US) and April 26 (UK). For more, check out new character John Morgan's ridiculous running kick.

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