Lost Planet 3: Lost Planet's 'New Direction' is Story, Characters

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

The plot thickens

After the lukewarm reception for Lost Planet 2, Lost Planet needed a shot in the arm. Creative director Kenji Oguro wanted a "new direction" for the third game, says producer Andrew Szymanski, so Lost Planet 3 was steered towards storytelling and relatable characters. Find out about these in the video.

Set before the events of Lost Planet, the new game stars Jim Peyton, a blue-collar labourer schlepping around on EDN III for a company keen on the ice planet's thermal energy resources. Not unlike Dead Space's Isaac Clarke, he is a worker with valuable technical skills, not a tough-guy space marine.

Co-op play has been ditched in favour of the single-player story campaign, but there's still a giant mech suit to stomp around in and an open, frozen world to explore.

For Lost Planet 3, Lost Planet development duties were taken out of Japan for the first time and given to California-based Spark Unlimited. Just as Lost Planet 3 swaps the "esoteric" controls of the previous game for a more accessible arrangement, it pursues a more mainstream appeal with its story focus.

Is storytelling and characterisation how Lost Planet will draw the attention of a Western audience? The engaging, natural performances from its voice actors are a good start.

Lost Planet 3 comes out on August 27 (US) and August 30 (UK). For more, here's Lost Planet 3's multiplayer Scenario mode in action.

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