Show of the Week: Dead Island Riptide

Published 4 years ago by Andy Farrant

Holiday of the Dead

Vacation season is practically here, so join us for a quick holiday from hell courtesy of Dead Island Riptide, along with the five other worst holidays in videogames and your comments about superpowered dogs.

Dead Island Riptide's island of Palanai looks like it'd be a great place for a vacation, with its pristine white beaches, turquoise ocean and palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze. We would subtract one TripAdvisor review star for the hordes of undead monsters that murder anything in their path but no place is perfect and, hey, the flights were cheap.

It's still better than some of the places in our list of the five worst vacations in videogames. Think how much less scary Alan Wake's time off would have been if he'd gone to the Bahamas instead of Bright Falls, or how the idyllic peace of the Rook Island is constantly shattered by screaming pirates and hooting fratboys.

For even more on Dead Island Riptide, check out our co-op gameplay sessions, chock-full of lethal boats and modded weapons.

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