Here Are The Best Moments From The Call Of Duty Championship Final

Published 4 years ago by Mike Channell

Mad kills

Cast your minds back through the mists of time (about three weeks) and you'll remember the Call of Duty Championship in Los Angeles. It's easy to be dismissive of eSports as trying to turn an interactive medium into a non-interactive spectator sport, but having watched two of the greatest Black Ops 2 teams in the world face off for a huge prize, we promise you it is genuinely spectacular. That's why you should give this video a whirl even if you ordinarily wouldn't - it compiles the 10 most entertaining, impressive moments from the final match-up between Fariko Impact and EnvyUs.

You never know, you might develop a taste for this sort of thing. Activision has committed to doing at least two more of these championships, presumably the next one will be on Call of Duty: Ghosts. Whether you're a Call of Duty fan or not, bigger prize funds and audiences can only be a good thing for gaming.

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