Poker Night 2 Gameplay Review

Published 4 years ago by Andy Farrant

Four of a kind

Poker Night 2 pits you against a cast of celebrity game characters in high stakes poker, all under the pitiless gaze of GlaDOS from the Portal games. But is it any good? Watch on for our gameplay review.

Poker is as much about good conversation and time spent with friends as it is about actually playing cards, so imagine how much better the game would be if you were playing with Ash from Army of Darkness, Brock Samson from The Venture Bros, Claptrap from Borderlands and Sam from Sam and Max, rather than your dull friends who you secretly hate. That's Poker Night 2.

It works, thanks to some excellent dialogue from Telltale's writers. It's great fun to enjoy a relaxing hand of poker while listening to Ash and Brock discuss the merits of chainsaws, or Claptrap asking Sam what it's like to be a six-foot anthropomorphic dog. GlaDOS is full of snark as your AI dealer.

There are also cool themed items to unlock as you play, such as Ash's bitey Necronomicon, which help give the game some replay value once you've heard all the quips and conversations. For more, check out the gameplay video above, and if you fancy giving Poker Night 2 a whirl you can grab the free trial.

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