Show of the Week: Our Predictions for the Xbox Infinity

Published 4 years ago by Andy Farrant

System shock

Imagine if they announced a new Xbox. You'd freak, right? Well, that's what's happening on Tuesday, so join us as we predict everything about the next Xbox in a Show of the Week that will in no way come back to haunt us on Wednesday morning.

What will the new Xbox be called? What will be inside it? What will we play on it? Using our favourite methods of seeing into the future (me: communing with dark spirits, Jane: magic eightball, Mike: random guesswork) we forecast what Microsoft will unveil at its reveal event on Tuesday 21 May. That's 10AM Pacific time and 6PM for us in the UK, when you should come on back to see whether our Xbox prophecies come to pass.

Reckon you can you do better? Leave your own predictions in the comments below, clever clogs, and be sure to pick up an Xbox reveal bingo card (below) to play along next Tuesday.

For all the above, plus the week's sassiest comments and the winner of the Outside Xbox Grand Theft Auto IV Stunt Challenge, watch Show of the Week. You'll enjoy it. We have forseen it.

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Andy Farrant
Andy is co-editor at Outside Xbox, enjoys difficult moral decisions and fights like a cow. You might remember him from such defunct Xbox video channels as Inside Xbox.

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