Let's Play: Hunter's Trophy 2 - America

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Look who's stalking

Hunter's Trophy 2 - America simulates the sustainable thrills of hunting in the American wilderness with unerring accuracy. There are hunting licence quotas to observe, trails of elk spoors to track and shamanistic animal possession, in which you play as your own hunting dog. In this Hunter's Trophy 2 - America gameplay I shoot several Roosevelt elk, geese and raccoons, sometimes in dramatic slow motion.

The dog-driving controls are as awkward as the wobbly aiming but, on the other hand, where else can you become a dog to smell elk poop? That doggy smell-o-vision takes the edge off the realism, but otherwise Hunter's Trophy 2 is pitched as a more authentic hunting game than Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013, for instance. To that end, it's got authentic hunting tricks such as flushing game birds from cover.

Hunter's Trophy 2 - America is available to download now for 800 Microsoft points, with a free demo available on Xbox Live.

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