Let's Play: Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Maps

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

Avengers assemble

Why is Black Ops 2's third multiplayer map pack called Vengeance? For Outside Xbox, it's because our multiplayer matches proceed by one of us getting shot to bits, then being avenged by the next of us, who is in turn shot to bits and avenged by the surviving member of Clan [OX]. So goes our Black Ops 2 adventure: an unending cycle of bungled shooting and vengeance. Watch us explore Vengeance's four new maps Cove, Rush, Detour and Uplink in the video below the cut.

The tropical island map Cove is a sunny delight, skirted by a beach with long sight lines into the centre. The fuselage of a crashed plane makes for a tight corridor in the centre, irresistible but usually deadly, overlooked as it is by an elevated ridge ideal for snipers (look for the kill tallies chalked on the rock wall). Not one of us is a sniper, but we attempt to hold it anyway. There's a blue crab scuttling around on the beach, also. It cannot be harmed by conventional means.

Rush is the paintball map: a close-quarters scrum spattered with fluorescent paint. Watch for the meat grinder of a narrow first-floor corridor daubed in red paint and the fake bus parked in the yard below. In the video, Clan [OX] inexpertly locks down said bus because of its crucial strategic position, probably.

Detour is a partially destroyed New York bridge, divided between the road up top and the tighter spaces on the level below. There are some (not very) secret pipes edging the lower deck.

Uplink, finally, is a jungle-set reimagining of the high-tech facility in the original Black Ops' snowy Summit map. As Andy notes in the video above, this is the first Black Ops 2 map with rain in it. We do worst on this map, and I for one blame the weather.

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