Saints Row 4 Co-op Gameplay is Superpowered Chaos

Published 4 years ago by Mike Channell

Holy inappropriate

Clearly we were going to play Saints Row 4 in co-op at the first available opportunity. Ever since Saints Row 2, co-op is the way Saints Row is built to be played. The addition of superpowers only makes things even more ridiculous. Everything is amplified, particularly upwards - you can now leap over buildings and kick pedestrians high into the air. And just wait until you see how it affects the classic Insurance Fraud activity featured in this video.

The video above includes just a small portion of the activities that have been included in Saints Row 4. The footage comes from a pre-release version of the game, but what is immediately clear is that Saints Row 4 plays dramatically differently from Saints Row: The Third.

The ability to sprint, jump and glide turns the city into a playground more similar to that of Prototype and Crackdown than of previous titles in the Saints Row series. You can leap up the sides of buildings, meaning you don't need a plane to make the most of the vertical elements of the game.

You will also rely more heavily on the melee attacks than before. It is a lot easier to sprint in amongst enemies and trigger the brilliant new takedowns and still get away unscathed. New enemies The Zin are a hardy bunch, but they are still made of flesh and bone. To quote Arnie in Predator, “If it bleeds, we can kill it”. The Zin definitely bleed, particularly when you grab them by the ankles and hurl them into a bus shelter.

Another element of which you'll get a glimpse in the video is the your new superhuman projectile power. In this case, it's the extremely useful freeze power. Even in it's initial, non-upgraded form it will freeze multiple targets in a single blast and bring down even larger air vehicles, such as enemy UFOs, with ease. And for those who enjoy griefing their buddies, yes, it will put your co-op partner on ice for a short time, though you can't shatter them into pieces.

These sandbox moments are actually the most valuable in co-op. So few of us have the time or organisational skills to co-ordinate with a friend and play the entire storyline in co-op, so you're most likely to spend your time together mucking about in free-roam mode. These activities will be your bread and butter and, as you can see from the video, they are entertaining and challenging enough to keep you busy.

Does this video allay your concerns about Saints Row 4 being just an expansion pack? Will you play it in co-op? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for more from Saints Row 4 soon.

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