Batman Arkham Origins Gets 3 vs 3 vs 2 Multiplayer, Trailer

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

Smoke 'em if you Gotham

Batman Arkham Origins, the Arkham Asylum prequel coming this October, brings multiplayer to the Arkham series for the first time. It's a curious three-team affair by the multiplayer specialists at Splash Damage, the studio behind Brink. Come on through for the first Arkham Origins multiplayer trailer.

Batman Arkham Origins' new multiplayer is 2 vs 3 vs 3, in which two players are Batman and Robin, three are member's of The Joker's crew, and three are members of Team Bane. The multiplayer action is presented as a turf war for control of the city between Bane and The Joker's gangs, duking and shooting it out for control points on the map. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin stalk them all in the style of Arkham City's stealthy, swoopy Invisible Predator challenges.

What do you reckon? Intrigued by Arkham Origins' take on asymmetric multiplayer? Who wants to be Robin? Answers below.

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