State of Decay Diaries: Our Darkest Hour

Published 4 years ago by Andy Farrant

A new hope?

The zombie apocalypse isn't all joyrides in pizza vans you know. If you want to keep humanity alive, you've got to stay on top of things, otherwise safehouses start getting overrun, towns start getting infested and people start dying, which is terrible for their morale. Join James for part four of his State of Decay diaries, as his ragtag group of survivors hit their lowest ebb. This is their darkest hour.

There is hope, however. The James Survivor Gang's current safehouse, an abandoned church, is becoming cramped, so they're looking to move into something bigger. There's a trucking warehouse across town that would be perfect, but they need more people and more materials, which means James is off out into the zombie wilderness again, sledgehammer in hand, to kill anything without a pulse.

It's trickier than it sounds. Coming to the aid of a rogue army unit nearly ends in death for our hero as he winds up trapped in a confined space with one of the big bastards from the last episode, and the less said about James's technique for rescuing the survivor Karen, the better (he sets her on fire).

Still, no one ever said armageddon was going to be easy. For more, see last week's State of Decay Diaries: Episode 3 and join us next week for more from the new safehouse.

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