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Published 4 years ago by Andy Farrant

Robbing hoods

There are several ways to pull off a bank heist. One is to put in months of meticulous preparation before executing your plan with clockwork precision. Get it right and your victims won't even know you were there until they open the vault and find it empty. Another way is to rock up on the day, clumsily try to lock-pick the back door, set off an alarm, then panic and shoot everyone. To find out which of these methods Mike and I chose, watch the video after the jump.

Ok, so neither our bank heist nor our jewellery store heist go smoothly, but that's not to say they weren't fun. Payday 2 is still frantically enjoyable even as everything goes wrong, with you running around tending to the various tasks a bank robber needs to keep track of like so many spinning plates. Who's watching the thermal drill working away on the vault door? Who's keeping an eye on the hostages? Someone needs to take care of that SWAT team on the roof. It's an organisational nightmare.

This is how heists tend to go in the early hours of Payday 2, but as you level up and unlock more skills and equipment, stealthier options become available to you. Electronic jammers mean you can disable pesky devices such as cameras and alarms, C4 explosives get through a safe door much more quickly than an unreliable drill, and crowd control skills make keeping track of a bank full of potential witnesses way easier.

Still, we got away with it, just about. We need to do some serious levelling up if we want to get the body count below double digits. Payday 2 is out on August 13 in North America, and August 16 in Europe. For more on the game, see Jane interrogate Overkill Software's Simon Viklund on Payday 2's four criminal classes, as well as this heistastic Payday-themed Show of the Week.

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