Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Coming To Next-Gen Consoles?

Published 4 years ago by Mike Channell

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We're not saying GTA 5 isn't a good-looking game. Far from it. But with new consoles arriving a few weeks after the launch of what's likely to be the biggest game on the planet, you might be wondering if Rockstar have a slightly more crisp next-generation version of the game hidden up their sleeves. Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

It seems simple common sense. Given how GTA 5 is arriving at the end of a console generation and the sheer scale of Grand Theft Auto mania, a version of GTA 5 for Xbox One (and PS4) would be no doubt welcomed by early adopters. But does it make practical sense? That's what we explore in this video.

Hard evidence is naturally thin on the ground. The people at Rockstar don't tend to let information slip out until they're good and ready and if there were a next-gen GTA 5 incoming, they wouldn't want it to jeopardise the current-gen release on September 17th. We've taken what information is out there and examined the prevailing trends in the games industry to find an answer.

As is appropriate, the final decision is likely to come down to one of GTA 5's primary themes, the almighty dollar. Cool as Rockstar is, it's still a business and the financial arguments in this debate are huge factors. Would a slightly prettier version of a game released months ago on a console everyone already owns really be worth the effort?

Ultimately, there's no definitive answer, so watch the video and let us know what you think. Does this evidence, mixed with a dash of common sense, convince you we'll see a slightly shinier, slightly busier version of Los Santos a few months after the current-gen edition? Would you buy an updated, next-gen GTA 5 yourself? Drop your truth bombs in the comments.

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