The Elder Scrolls Online Takes Us Back to Skyrim

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

Dragonborn again?

The Elder Scrolls Online recreates the realm of Skyrim as part of its massively multiplayer online world. Frosty vistas and iffy Scandinavian accents abound again, but the land of the Nords is this time designed for a mob of heroes, not a single rampaging Dragonborn. Take a peek at the new Skyrim in this The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay preview, in which Mike and I talk over combat, classes, character customisation and the newly announced subscription fees.

Bleakrock Isle is an island off the coast of Skyrim where members of The Elder Scrolls Online's Ebonheart Pact faction begin their heroic careers. Ebonheart is the unlikely alliance of human Nords, scaly argonians and dusky dark elves. On our snowy Bleakrock romp, Mike created a Nord warrior and hit things with swords - the perfect foil for my dark elf sorcerer, who hit things with spells.

The first-person perspective and evocative setting brings The Elder Scrolls Online closer than ever to fulfilling its promise: a multiplayer Skyrim. At the same time, the newly announced subscription fee (an old-fashioned, straight-up £9 a month) jeopardises The Elder Scrolls Online's shot at the big time on Xbox One. Will Xbox-based Skyrim lovers fork out a monthly fee to play The Elder Scrolls Online, on top of the price of Xbox Gold membership?

Other, less serious problems discussed above include the lack of dueling and bucket tricks, but character customisation enthusiasts at least needn't worry. The night elf cosmetic customisation, for instance, has more facial feature sliders and choices of grey skin shades than you can shake an enchanted staff at.

Quivering with anticipation for The Elder Scrolls Online? Perturbed by the price? Let us know in the comments.

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