Let's Play: Farming Simulator 2013

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Cereal killers

Farming Simulator 2013 has landed on Xbox 360, so it's time for Outside Xbox to go to work on the sprawling American farm map. I harvest the hell out of some amber waves of grain while Mike and Andy coach. Watch on for freeform combine harvesting and failed forklifting in this Farming Simulator gameplay.

The American farm map in the console version of Farming Simulator brings huge, American-style farmland and huge, American-style farm machinery. That's in contrast to the original PC game's more modest European agriculture (the American map was added to the original PC game as downloadable content).

As if my city slicker status was in doubt, there's a point in the video above in which I take the wrong vehicle to a job and wind up forlornly humping a pallet of bottled water with what, in retrospect, is patently not a forklift.

Stick around for more agricultural action from Outside Xbox. Join us next time for Mike's turn on the tractor, and don't miss the Farming Simulator special from Show of the Week.

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