Farming Simulator 2013: Mike's Adventure in Fork Lifting

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

For fork's sake

It's Mike's turn on the tractor in Farming Simulator, in which he delegates harvesting duties to a farmhand and takes out a loan big enough to precipitate a second credit crunch. With that money he buys a fork lift truck, at last, and gets down to the business of delivering pallets. Watch on for high-octane pallet delivery action in this Farming Simulator 2013 gameplay.

At least Mike brings the right tool for the job, after my fork-lifting fiasco last week. The AI on the farm labourer hired to drive the combine harvester, meanwhile, produces straighter lines and neater cornering than I can manage with my inferior harvesting skills.

Watch this space for more agricultural adventuring from Outside Xbox. Be sure to watch the Farming Simulator special episode of Show of the Week while you wait.

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Jane Douglas
Jane is co-editor at Outside Xbox, where she writes words and makes videos. She enjoys dialogue trees.

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