Here is the Most Expensive Apartment in GTA Online

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

The high life

GTA Online's most expensive apartment is a "luxury triplex" in Eclipse Towers that costs $400k. The price is beyond the budget of a low-level character sticking up convenience stores for a few thousands bucks a pop, but eminently affordable if you buy GTA Online cash from the in-game store. And so to show you around the swank flat in the video above, I spent actual real money on fake videogame money. I am a smart investor.

A not-so-micro microtransaction of £13.49 pays for a Great White Shark Card in the GTA Online store. This card, the priciest of the card options, is worth $1.25m in the online world of Los Santos. $1.25m! I could buy two luxury apartments with change left over! What a deal. While you're here, do you have any magic beans I could buy?

The Eclipse Towers apartment, costliest of the player housing options, has a shower to wash off all the blood and bruises. While inside it, you can also sing into your headset for extra experience points. There's a walk-in closet, several boozing options, a television broadcasting the exploits of your fellow multiplayer characters and a fabulous view over downtown Los Santos. Worth every penny, I say.

The place also comes with a large garage, naturally, and you can invite other players up or buzz them in when they come calling.

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