FIFA Xbox One vs Xbox 360: What's the difference?

Published 4 years ago by Mike Channell

Pitched battle

You're likely here for one of two reasons. Either you're a FIFA fan who's meticulously tracking the changes between the Xbox One version of FIFA and the one currently available on Xbox 360, trying to work out if it's worth grabbing for your next gen console, or you've pre-ordered an Xbox One, you're going to be getting a free copy of FIFA 14 with it and you want to know what to expect. Either way, this is the video for you - we chat to EA direct to find out what the changes are.

One thing EA is quick to point out is that all the content from FIFA 14 on current gen will be making the leap to next gen. That wasn't the case when the last generational shift happened, with FIFA 06 on Xbox 360 a stripped back version of the game. FIFA seems a little more prepared this time around.

The other thing to note is that if you are (football) mad enough to buy two copies of FIFA this year, EA is making the process of transferring your data across as easy as it possibly can. As long as you stay within the Xbox 'family', your seasons, your virtual pro and, crucially, your Ultimate Team will all make the leap across generations.

Beyond that a lot has been made of FIFA's buzz-wordy 'living world', but it does make a difference. Home and away games now feel completely different and the first time you score a goal and hear just your away fans going crazy in the corner is a bizarre experience.

The main thing though is increased diversity of animations, which means the entire experience is more smooth and subtle. It's sort of like the difference between 30 frames per second and 60 - the more animations there are, the more organic the game feels. With the new presentation, which means the match flows as if it were really happening, it's never felt closer to watching football on television.

But what's your take? Have you already bought FIFA 14 for your Xbox 360? Are the changes enough for you to make the upgrade to next gen? Are you just getting a free copy with your pre-order? Let us know in the comments and for more, discover the Xbox 360 FIFA 14 features also relevant to next gen FIFA.

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