The 5 Worst Boss Battles (And the Good Ones They Can Learn From)

Published 5 years ago by Andy Farrant

Final fights

The boss fight is a proud old gaming tradition and, often, rubbish. Sore from a lifetime of cheap boss tricks and thumb-numbing button bashing, we present our five least favourite boss encounters in games, alongside five much better ones to show them how it should be done. Spoilers ahead, so be warned.

Even great games aren't immune to terrible boss fights. Take Batman: Arkham Asylum, for instance. The final boss fight against The Joker is the culmination of everything you've worked towards throughout the game. It's also a horrible mishmash of waves of lesser enemies, button-mashing QTEs, and a hulked-out Joker that misses the point of what makes him a great villain and Batman's most powerful nemesis.

Rocksteady later proved it does know how to make a boss fight memorable for the right reasons with the Mr. Freeze encounter in Batman: Arkham City. In this, Batman must defeat his icy nemesis by constantly changing up his tactics, as Freeze adapts to the environment and learns from his mistakes. It makes sense for his intelligent, calculating character and makes the battle rewarding as a result.

What's your most hated boss battle? Let us know in the comments and for more on Batman, catch voice actors Troy 'Booker DeWitt' Baker and Roger Craig 'everyone else' Smith talk up their roles Batman: Arkham Origins.

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