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Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Never to be scene

We're all aware of the concept of deleted scenes in movies. Squirrelled away on the DVD, they offer a little more insight into how the film changed over the course of production. Well with games taking just as long to create, if not longer, there's often a ton of stuff left discarded. Archival website The Cutting Room Floor aims to catalogue as many deleted elements as possible from all sorts of games, but we've picked out our highlights from the list, including Bioshock, Call of Duty and Left 4 Dead.

Of course in many reasons, this stuff is cut for very good reason. Either it doesn't work or those same ideas are developed into something different. Some developers are bigger perfectionists than others too - Bioshock's creative director Ken Levine in particular has a very iterative design process, which means large swathes of work can end up being discarded. Other games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, are a horrifying Frankenstein's monster of programming code that has evolved with every yearly instalment.

If you're interested in this sort of thing, you should absolutely check out this list of 9 brilliant games that never saw the light of day and our video showing just how much Bioshock Infinite changed over the course of development.

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