7 Videogame Scientists Who Should Have Known Better

Published 3 years ago by Andy Farrant

Science friction

Through systematic study, experiment and observation, scientists seek a greater understanding of the world for the betterment of mankind. Someone should tell that to scientists in videogames, as they are all intent on creating supermonsters, hands that shoot bees and exploding murder robots. These are the videogame scientists most deserving of a Darwin Award instead of a Nobel Prize.

To commemorate their disservice to science, we have gathered the worst offenders in the video above. These include Dr. Yi Suchong from Bioshock and everyone who ever worked at the Umbrella Corporation, plus the Vault-Tec researchers from Fallout. When you lock everyone underground for ages they go crazy, you say? Good sciencing, everyone. Take a half day.

Any suggestions of your own? Drop us a note in the comments. For more adventures in dubious scientific merit, check these seven videogame doctors who spectacularly failed to help.

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