The 7 Most Baffling Game Adverts that Somehow Got Made

Published 3 years ago by Andy Farrant

Ad nauseum

It shouldn't be hard to make a videogame commercial. Show some footage of the game. Tell people the price. Maybe stick some dubious accolades on there. Or you could slap together some inexplicable madness that has nothing to do with the game you're selling, that's good too.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising, for instance, decided on a series of videos of retired pro wrestler Ric Flair fighting a man in a bear suit. I believe the bear symbolised Russia, and Ric Flair symbolised Ric Flair?

At least Ric Flair was actually in that game, so the ad relates very loosely to what it was selling. When it comes to actual console adverts, the trend is definitely towards the abstract, as in PlayStation's Chris Cunningham-directed video in which an alien girl talks about human endeavour, or the Xbox advert in which a baby is fired out of his mother, ages rapidly, then crashes into his own grave. Cheery.

Do you have a long-repressed memory of something even worse? Let us know in the comments.

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