The 9 Bitchiest Easter Eggs in Games

Published 3 years ago by Andy Farrant

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Easter eggs let developers hide jokes, scares, secrets and downright weirdness in their videogames. Also bitchy asides about their rivals, and movies they don't like. Catch the the nine cattiest examples in this video.

Most of these Easter eggs are little moments that take a swipe at perceived rivals. These include Duke Nukem's discovery of a dead Doom space marine, the desperate graffiti from Dead Rising's Frank West all over Left 4 Dead 2, and Grand Theft Auto 5's in-universe videogame Righteous Slaughter 7, a heavy-handed parody of every military FPS ever made.

Sometimes these in-game digs take it even further, such as in the case of the Street Fighter series, which created an entirely new character purely to mock SNK's Art of Fighting series. Bulletstorm built an actual playable FPS game just so it could throw shade on Call of Duty. Now that is dedication.

Got another Easter egg for the basket? Let us know in the comments and for more egg hunting, consider the creepiest Easter eggs tucked away in your favourite games.

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