Let's Play Battlefield 4's Dragon's Teeth DLC

Published 3 years ago by Mike Channell

Going dental

Decades from now in Videogame University, Professors of Videogames will point to Battlefield 4 as an example of how not to launch your game. It was a buggy, laggy mess, made all the more painful by the fact that there was a great game hidden under the strata of performance problems. Now that the netcode has been given a once over in a recent patch, EA and DICE were able to release this latest DLC, Dragon's Teeth, without the usual sheepish grin. We thought we'd dust off our (non existent) Battlefield skills and dive in.

It's pretty much the usual deal. Four maps, a few weapons and a new mode. It's the new mode, though, that's the most exciting. Chain Link, as it's called, asks you to capture control points that are adjacent to each other, building as long a chain as you can. It might sound like an unnecessary wrinkle to add to Conquest, but with more control points and the ability to break three point chains by capturing a single control point, it definitely requires a shift in strategy.

If you want to be reminded of what it was like in the bad old days, before that netcode patch, check out us wrestling with Battlefield server problems.

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