Show of the Week: Quantum Break and How To Get Time Travel Superpowers

Published 3 years ago by Andy Farrant

Break stuff

Quantum Break is a game about time and the dangerous and awesome-looking things that happen when it starts to break down. Now we've had our first look at Remedy's next adventure, Quantum Break gets the Show of the Week treatment. There is also a convenient guide on how to acquire time travel superpowers if you aspire to become a time lord yourself.

Quantum Break is set in a world where a time travel experiment gone wrong has left hero Jack Joyce with the ability to freeze time, as well as the freedom to move around outside of time when everyone else is stuck in a time-freezing 'stutter'.

Jack using these powers to gain an advantage in combat and also in wibbly wobbly timey wimey platforming sections, such as escaping from a collapsing suspension bridge stuttering through various states of destruction.

Remedy has a good record for taking one gameplay trick and running with it, as with Max Payne's bullet time and Alan Wake's light-based combat, and we're confident the developer is onto another winning gimmick with Quantum Break's time powers, even if the name means we can't get the Quantum Leap theme song out of our head.

Elsewhere in the show, we have compiled a guide for getting your own time powers, according to videogames. If Prince of Persia is to be believed, you will need a magic dagger locked in the Maharaja of India's treasure room. Much easier to go the TimeSplitters route, which is to just wait around for a race of vicious time-hopping space aliens to hide a time crystal in your era. Maybe have a cup of tea while you wait.

Show of the Week returns next week, incredibly, but for more on Quantum Break in the meantime, get your eyes on the full Quantum Break gameplay demo from Gamescom.

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