6 Abominations Brought to Life by These Games' Character Creators

Published 4 years ago by Andy Farrant

Abominable no man

If Dr Frankenstein were alive today and also not fictional, he wouldn't need to faff around building a creature out of dead bodies then trudge around the Arctic trying to kill it - not when these videogame character creators exist. Just look at the unnatural horrors he could have cooked up in WWE '12, Spore, Saints Row 4, Soul Calibur 5, NBA 2K15 and The Sims 4.

The Spore sentient dong ranks high on the list affronts unto nature enabled by video games. We assume you could use the Spore creature creator to construct things that are not dong monsters, but it is impossible to know because literally no one has ever done it.

NBA 2K15, meanwhile, has a now-legendary character creator that uses a camera such as Kinect's to scan your face, letting you create a character that is your exact likeness. The trouble is, it is super easy to break by moving, breathing or having a weird face, such as Jane's.

Tell us about your character creator crimes against nature in the comments and then witness the birth of the NBA 2K15 monster wearing Jane's melted face.

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