6 Most Surprising Shortcut Endings for Lazy Players

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Hey, we're busy people

Games usually take hours to complete, but ain't nobody got time for that. In these secret endings, you find a surprise shortcut to the closing credits, finishing your game in just a fraction of the usual time by taking the sneaky path of least resistance. Watch on for the most entertaining secret shortcut endings in videogames. Minor, non-canonical spoilers ahead.

These secret endings include Far Cry 4's morally dubious shortcut to a lovely hunting vacation with Pagan Min, in which you stay put at the dictator's dinner table instead of running off and saving the country. Then Min whisks you by helicopter to the end of the game and, as best friends, you head off to "shoot some goddamn guns", probably at captured Kyrati rebels. Fun!

There is also Batman: Arkham City's alternate downer ending in which you, as Catwoman, choose to flee with some loot instead of helping Batman when he gets trapped under some rubble, thus dooming all of Gotham, which burns as the credits roll. In Catwoman's defence, she may have expected the man who once punched Superman's lights out with a kryptonite ring to be capable of freeing himself from under some bits of concrete.

Are we missing your favourite? Share your super secret endings in the comments.

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