Show of the Week: Dragon Age: Inquisition and 5 Inquisitor Chat-up Lines That Shouldn't Work

Published 3 years ago by Jane Douglas

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Dragon Age: Inquisition invites you to decide who your heroic Inquisition leader is: a saviour sent by the Maker, a pragmatic disbeliever, or a sleazy flirt who spends more time macking on her advisors than closing demonic sky holes. I aim for a flavourful blend of all the above in Show of the Week, featuring five Inquisitor chat-up lines that shouldn't work but, encouragingly, do.

Your reckless horndogging is set into a plot of suitably vast and apocalyptic scale, in which every faction ever referenced in Dragon Age gets a go in a grand battle of good versus evil. It makes a satisfying contrast to the modest drama and smaller ambitions of Dragon Age 2.

The twist for Dragon Age is you playing the head of an increasingly powerful religious order, instead of just an accidental underdog hero, and Dragon Age: Inquistion pulls it off nicely, balancing open-world adventure with bossing people around from your stately keep.

In the field, your Inquisitor leads your party on expeditions through enormous open-world regions of Thedas, in which intricate, handcrafted maps make exploration absorbing and rewarding.

Back at base, you have work to do dispatching agents on Inquisition business at the war table, crafting better equipment, and developing your fortress HQ.

Here you will also find your followers hanging out between trips, discover their various chequered pasts and tragic backstories, and try to get them to make out with you. Please observe my success, such as it is, in the video above.

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