Let's Play: Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions on Xbox One

Published 4 years ago by Jane Douglas

Geom to conclusions

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions lifts the kaleidoscopic action of twin-stick shooter Geometry Wars into a higher plane, wrapping its maps around three-dimensional shapes in the style of Super Stardust HD. The co-op mode is somewhat flatter, but it does let you shoot little shapes with up to three other players. Witness our co-op efforts in this Xbox One gameplay.

In the video above, we play co-op Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions in Deadline mode, in which you have a target score to beat within a time limit, as well as King mode, in which you have to dodge between safe zones where your guns are enabled, and Pacifism, in which you have to survive without weapons. The trick is not to panic, or so I imagine.

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