Show of the Week: Evolve and 5 Games That Don't Know What Evolution Means

Published 4 years ago by Andy Farrant

Monster mash

From the creators of Left 4 Dead comes Evolve: a monster-hunting multiplayer shooter that matches a team of four against a fifth player, who controls one of a selection of giant alien beasts. Show of the Week inspects the latest on Evolve, plus some other games that haven't got their head around the concept of evolution.

See, lots of games claim to be 'evolved' or something something colon 'evolution', yet barely anything in them changes its heritable phenotype traits over successive generations to develop into different kinds of living organism. You've got to earn that title, guys, what would Charles Darwin say? Also, colon evolution. Ew?

Evolve gets a pass because the monsters can 'evolve' through three different stages during a match, even though we don't see those traits passed from generation to generation and made common by natural selection. It would be less fun if each round took three million years.

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