8 Signs You're Living in an Evil Dystopia

Published 3 years ago by Jane Douglas

Town in the dumps

You're a busy person. It's easy to lose track of current affairs until one day you look out of the window and see surveillance drones, futuristic stormtroopers and giant propaganda screens. If you start to suspect the place in which you live is an evil dystopia, don't worry. We're here to help.

One of the quickest ways to check if you're living in a bleak, totalitarian dystopia is to stand in the street and look up. Brutalist skyscrapers are a dead giveaway, especially when mounted on the back of a giant robotic spider (see: Timeshift's Alpha District).

Gross zombifying epidemics are another warning sign, such as the rat plague in Dishonored's city of Dunwall. You should be equally concerned, however, if your home city is eerily clean, as with the City of Glass in Mirror's Edge, where all the litter has been swept up and incinerated by a corrupt government, along with all the homeless people, stray dogs and political protesters.

Nazi-style uniforms on government officials are a red flag (see: Killzone), as are actual red flags if they have swastikas on them (see: Wolfenstein: The New Order). Though if you screwed up your alternate timeline this badly and didn't notice you're living in a dystopian nightmare, you should really be paying closer attention. Read a newspaper sometime?

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