Show of the Week: 5 Obscure Star Wars Characters Who Became Game Heroes

Published 3 years ago by Jane Douglas

And Battlefront's Battle of Jakku

Star Wars Battlefront's free DLC Battle of Jakku is, among other things, the origin story of the wrecked Star Destroyer from that Force Awakens trailer. You can spot it crashing in the desert in the Graveyard of Giants map. Credit for the crash goes to aristocrat Thane Kyrell and a band of former Imperials, according to Star Wars lore, which is crowded with minor characters who find fame outside of the main movies. With that in mind, Show of the Week salutes five bit players who made it big in Star Wars games.

Star Wars-owning entertainment behemoth Disney may have wiped clean the Star Wars extended universe to make way for The Force Awakens, but it can't mess with our headcanon. At least, not without a powerdrill. And the many, many Star Wars games are a great opportunity for the less celebrated movie characters to shine.

We hear plenty about what a legendary Bounty Hunter Jango Fett is, for instance, but in the films he basically outsources the one bounty he gets to someone else and then gets his head lopped off by Samuel L. Jackson.

PS2 game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter repairs his reputation by chucking him into a conspiracy orchestrated by Darth Tyranus and tooling him up with flamethrowers and missile launchers.

Plus, with Bounty Hunter being a third-person game, you get a really good idea of how Boba Fett's armour could look if he gave it a clean once in a while.

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